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Professional Wheel Build $60

  • Per Wheel (Not Including Parts)

Basic Brake Adjustment $10

  • Per Brake

Basic Derailleur Adjustment $15

  • Per Derailleur

Tube Change  $8-$10

  • For Traditional Tubes


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Preferred Tune Up


Includes Everything Disclosed in Essential Tune Up
+ Full Drivetrain Degreasing and Re-Lubricating

Essential Tune Up


Bike Clean & Wipe Down

Brake & Gear Adjustments

Wheel Trueing

Bearing Adjustments

Cable Lubrication

Chain Lubrication

General Check Over of All Nuts and Bolts

Supreme Tune Up


Includes Everything Disclosed in Essential & Preferred Tune Up
+ Bottom Bracket Overhaul
+ Headset Overhaul
+ Replacement of Cables and Housing (Excluding Hydraulic Lines)
+ Brake Bleed


Here at Phoenix Bike Company, we provide top-notch service on every bike that our experienced and industry leading mechanic touches. Every bike we work on, we treat it as if it is our own, ensuring everything is done properly and correctly. Our skilled mechanic is experienced and knowledgeable in working with all disciplines, including Road, Mountain, and BMX bicycles. Whether it is as simple as a tube change or a complete detailed overhaul, we guarantee exceptional service on all the bicycles that roll through our door. 

Below is a list of our most requested services and corresponding labor rates. Please contact us during business hours for any inquiries regarding  services and pricing that is not listed below.

Please note: Appointments are not required for services or quotes but are recommended.

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